Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Pierce Kent came home yesterday evening, a day earlier than planned after 209 days in the NICU! We are all very happy to have our baby twins in one house. I survived the first night with twins, very little sleep happening here. I will post more later

Sunday, February 17, 2008

3 days before P comes home and now i have 3 sick kiddos

This day has turned into a nightmare. Lincoln is requiring way more O2 than normal, he wont eat, and has a fever. He is up to 3L and still satting poorly. I have tried everything to get it up past 85 and its not working. Madison has swollen tonsils again, and Kennedy is puking. Yep just what i needed

Friday, February 15, 2008

We have a discharge date!

Pierce should be coming home on wednesday. 2 days after presidents day...LOL. He had his g-tube surgery and did very well. He is doing well with all his feeds and we are all set to go home. He has passed his carseat test. The end is near, and he will be coming home 5 days short of 7 months in the nicu.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Its been awhile since my last post but nothing exciting has been going on. The girls have been sick but are back to normal. Lincoln is doing really well. He can roll over now! He also is getting close to coming off his O2. This past week he has done very well with keeping his sats up and not needing much O2. He goes back to see the plumo on the 27th.

We are seeing light at the end of the tunnel for Pierce. He has his g-tube surgery for the 11th and with any luck he will come home shortly after that. He is finally on Nasal cannula and doing good. He requires alot of O2 but that is to be expected with his lung conditions. This is the boy that not too long ago they thought he would need a trach to come home and he proved them wrong.

Its just been a crazy few weeks but we are at the end of our nicu stay hopefully!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Day 181

Today marks 181 days in the nicu for Pierce and a great milestone was met. He is finally off of cpap and on nasal cannula. We are so proud of him. We also scheduled his surgery for a g-tube for Feb. 11th. Finally it looks like he will be home in the near future

On the bad news I have a household of sick kids.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Sorry for the delay in updating. It has been a crazy month so far. Pierce made it through surgery like a champ and was back on his CPAP machine in no time at all. The day after surgery he had his first poopy diaper. I was so thrilled and excited all over poop! After a week we started seeing abdominal swelling and it had me freaked out. They looked at his tummy and everything looked good from the scan so they stopped feeds and put him back on TPN. The swelling went down and they restarted feeds slower and he did wonderful. Turns out they had started the feeds too fast and Pierce did not like that. Pierce went back on the vent due to another lung infection on January 14th. He finally came back off the vent and onto CPAP of 5 today. He is starting to grow much better now. As of this afternoon he is 6lbs7oz! Before he comes home he will have one more surgery. He will get his g or j tube. They are debating over which one to put in. I am thinking it will end up being a g tube.

Lincoln has been doing great at home. His reflux is finally tolerable most of the time. He pukes on his sisters every once in awhile which grosses them out but they love having their little brother home. He rolled over for the first time last week and has done it several times since. We have a visit on tuesday with the plumonologist. Hopefully he will only need O2 at night. He has been doing very well during the day and especially this weekend. Last night the cat chewed the cannula and somehow made a hole in it. I didnt realize it until his sats dropped but they never got terribly low. He has been on 1/2L during the day and 1L at night. I cant wait to have a wire free baby and hope it is before Pierce comes home.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Reconnection surgery

Well Pierce is currently in surgery to reconnect his bowels. Its been 5 months since his first surgery when we found out he had NEC, where they did the ostomy. He is finally ready to be all reconnected. When he went into surgery I just cried, I am so worried for him. He is back on a ventilator for the procedure. I just hope the outcome of this operation comes out well. He has been doing so well, finally hit 5lbs and was on a CPAP of 5. This is the little boy they said would need a trach because he spent 19 weeks on some sort of ventilation. He is an amazing little boy. Once this operation is over with he has one more before his homecoming which still is unknown at this point in time